Our terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

  • Own Balance Yoga Studio is registered under the Chamber of Commerce number xxxxxx
  • Lesson: A yoga class linked to a membership.
  • Membership: An agreement between a studentand Own Balance Yoga Studio.
  • Student: The person who follows, or want to follow, lessonsworkshopsor other activities within Own Balance Yoga Studio.
  • Shala: The room where the lesson,activity or workshop is given.
  • Loose lesson: A yoga class not linked to a membership.
  • Trial lesson: A yoga class not linked to a membership
  • Subscription: A document with:
    • Personal data from the student
    • Agreement that the studenthas read the terms and conditions
    • Agreement to use the personal data as defined by the privacy statement
    • Authorization to collect membership-fee and tuition.
  • Teacher: A qualified person who guides the workshops, lessonsor other activities within Own Balance Yoga Studio.
  • Website: www.ownbalanceyoga.com
  • Workshop: A lesson or activity or a group of lessons or activities that is not linked to a membership. 

2. Applicability of Terms and Conditions

2.1.These Term and Conditions apply on all lessonsactivities and workshops within Own Balance Yoga Studio and are published on the website.

2.2.When participating in lessonsactivities or workshops the student gives implicit his consent on the Terms and conditions.

2.3. Own Balance Yoga Studio has the right to change these terms and conditions.

2.4.Changes in the Terms and Conditions are communicated via e-mail, the newsletter and the website.

2.5.The latest version of the Terms and Conditions is published on the website.

3. Yoga classes

3.1.At Own Balance Yoga Studio we teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga and Classical Hatha Yoga.

3.2.All yoga lessons are practiced either within a group setting or as private trainings.

3.3.The classes are taught by a Yoga Alliance certified teacher with students receiving ‘hands on’ therapeutic adjustments from the teacher.

3.4.The practice should ideally be done every day with the exception of  first three days off menstruation. This daily repetition builds a heat and flexibility in the body which allows it to open, purify and transform safely. If this heat or flexibility is not developed the risk of injury is greater.

3.5.The yoga classes take between 45 minutes and 70 minutes.

3.6.The student should only practice asanas given by the teacher, asanas should not be skipped, or modified without the teachers approval.

3.7.Students shall not do inverted asanas during menstruation.

3.8.Be aware that some pain and discomfort can be a by-product of yoga practice.

4. Membership

4.1.Students with a membership can participate in lessons or activities organized by Own Balance Yoga Studio as defined by the type of membershipWorkshops and single lessons are not part of the membership.

4.2.The membership is final when Own Balance Yoga Studio received the students subscription and the payment for the membership.

4.3.The following membership types are available:

  • Personal training package

This membership gives right to book a one-on-one personal yoga lesson with the teacher once a week. Cancellation notice period is 1 month.

  • Unlimited journey package

This membership gives right to attend all types of yoga lessons. Cancellation notice period is 1 month.

  • Yoga once a week package

This membership gives right to attend one yoga lesson per week. Cancellation notice period is 1 month.

5. Loose lessons

5.1.Within Own Balance Yoga Studio it is possible to follow loose lessons Vinyasa Flow, Yin or Hatha yoga. In this case membership fee does not apply.

6. Termination and suspension of Membership

6.1.Student can terminate the membership before the first of the month. Cancellations received before the first of the month (i.e., 1-9-2019), will go in effect the following month (no right to lessons from 1-10-2019).

6.2.In the event of a long-term illness or injury, the student may suspend his or her membership for a maximum period of six months. A request for suspension must be submitted in writing to Own Balance Yoga Studio (info@ownbalanceyoga.com) and must be accompanied by a medical certificate.

6.3.In case of pregnancy, the student can have the membership suspended for a certain period; this in consultation with Own Balance Yoga Studio. A request for suspension must be submitted in writing to Own Balance Yoga Studio (info@ownbalanceyoga.com).

6.4.When a student wants a new membership after termination of the membershipmembership fee applies.

7. Payment and Price changes

7.1.Membership fee shall be paid before participation in lessons or in activities.

7.2.Tuition for the lessons and activities shall be paid before participation in lessons or in activities

7.3.Membership fee and tuition are paid by using direct debit. As a general rule, direct debits are made in the first week of the month. In the case of non-payment, Own Balance Yoga Studio reserves the right to suspend the membership.

7.4.Workshop fee shall be paid before attending the workshop either by bank transfer or debit card.

7.5.All others payments shall be paid after the lesson by debit card.

7.6. Own Balance Yoga Studio does not accept cash payments.

7.7.Actual prices are listed on the website.

7.8. Own Balance Yoga Studio has the right to change prices.

7.9.Price changes are communicated via e-mail, the newsletter and the website.

8. Schedule

8.1.The actual schedule is listed on the website.

8.2.Lessons and activities are given English unless stated otherwise.

8.3. Own Balance Yoga Studio has the right to change the schedule.

8.4.Schedule changes are communicated via e-mail, the newsletter and the website.

8.5. Own Balance Yoga Studio has the right to cancel a lesson, or to replace the teacher in a case of force majeure. In that case no restitution of membership fee and tuition will take place.

8.6. Own Balance Yoga Studio has the right to cancel the lessons on:

  • Public holidays
  • School holidays

9. Workshops

9.1.Students with and without a membership can participate in workshops.

9.2.Workshops are given in English, unless stated otherwise.

9.3.Scheduled workshops are listed on the website.

9.4. Own Balance Yoga Studio has the right to change the schedule.

9.5. Own Balance Yoga Studio has the right to cancel the workshop due to force majeure. The workshop fee will be fully refunded.

9.6.Additional conditions might apply. These are communicated with the workshop description.

10. Liability

10.1. Own Balance Yoga Studio has qualified teachers that take great care of the students. However with practicing an energetic active form of yoga there is a risk on injuries during the lessons. By attending the lessons the student except the risk on injuries.

10.2.If the student is feeling unwell (with the exception of fever and open wounds) the student can practice.

10.3.Communicate any injuries or illnesses to the teacher before the start of the practice.

10.4.To minimize the risk on injuries Own Balance Yoga Studio advises the following:

10.4.1.Develop a routine yoga practice.

10.4.2.Only practice asanas given by the teacher.

10.4.3.Follow the teachers advise in performing the asanas. When in doubt, do not perform the asana and consult the teacher.

10.4.4.As a student, listen to your own body. When feeling discomfort express this to the teacher before continuing with the asanas.

10.5. Own Balance Yoga Studio does not accept any liability for physical or mental injuries.

10.6. Own Balance Yoga Studio does not accept any liability for losses or damages.

11. Personal Data

11.1.For the subscription Own Balance Yoga Studio asks the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address
  • Bank account number
  • Authorization to collect membership-fee and tuition.
  • Permission to use the students personal data as defined in the privacy statement.
  • Consent of a parent or guardian for student younger than 16 years old.

11.2.During lessonsworkshops and activities Own Balance Yoga Studio maintains a class attendance list.

11.3.The privacy statement of Own Balance Yoga Studio is published on the website.

12. Governing Law and Dispute Settlement

12.1.Only Dutch law applies to these Terms and Conditions.

12.2.Disputes related to the Terms and Conditions, membershipslessons, single lessonsactivitiesworkshops, payment, liability or other disputes, shall be first settled by a licensed mediator. If this does not lead to a satisfying solution for both parties, the dispute will be settled in court.

13. Code of Conduct

13.1.Students shall follow to code of conduct at all times.

13.2.When the teacher is not present in the Shala at the beginning of class, students may not enter the Shala.

13.3.No drinking, eating or smoking in all rooms, with exception of the canteen.

13.4.No shoes in the Shala.

13.5.Keep the spoken communication to a minimum. As a general rule; don’t speak unless spoken to.

13.6.When attending a yoga class make sure you are clean and fresh. Use unscented deodorant when needed. Do not use lotions, moisturizers or oils since this makes the skin slippery making it difficult to adjust safely.

13.7.Wear comfortable clean clothes, in which you can move easily.

13.8. Own Balance Yoga Studio does not supply yoga mats or blankets to students. You have to bring your own. Make sure the yoga mat is clean.

13.9. Own Balance Yoga Studio teachers use ‘hands on’ therapeutic adjustments. The student can express at any time if they would prefer not to receive an adjustment and their wishes will always be respected. Be aware these adjustments are part of the nature of teaching yoga. Without these adjustments progress in your practice might me less.

13.10.Sexual behavior or sexually suggestive behavior is not tolerated.

13.11. Own Balance Yoga Studio advises not to eat later than two hours before class.

13.12.When a student does not obey to the code of conduct, Own Balance Yoga Studio has the right to terminate the membership without a refund of the membership fee and tuition paid.


By signing this form:

  • You agree with the General Terms and Conditions
  • You give Own Balance Yoga Studio permission to communicate with you. If you don’t appreciate mailings, you can always unsubscribe and your data will be immediately removed in a secure manner.
  • You agree to the Privacy Policy

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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